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Business Excellence is LMQ's flagship programme


We help organisations develop excellence by developing their people and their key business processes.

Our track record is such that all of our clients develop better business performance and many have experienced significant improvements in both turnover and profitability.


However because of our resources and the time we invest in this programme, we undertake only a few of these programmes per year and therefore we select the clients that we wish to work with.


Our underlying philosophy in achieving Business Excellence is :-

Keep things simple and get the basics right


In our experience many organisations are so far away from doing the basics well, that there is no point in them considering exotic management techniques or the latest fads. Yet that is precisely what they try to do and waste a considerable amount of resource in trying to lay a new idea on flawed fundamentals.

LMQ developed a model for improving business performance called 'Absolute Quality', which is when:-


Everyone in the organisation is making decisions so that the organisation meets its customers agreed requirements at the lowest cost of resources.

"Customers' agreed requirements" includes going the extra mile which is expected but not contracted, plus meeting those needs customers may be unaware of - but exist. 

However, an organisation where only the few people at the top make decisions has limited growth potential because of the following:-

- The business environment is dynamic and decisions need to be made quickly.

- Those on or close to the front line have a better feel for what is happening.

- Employees are more involved, committed and effective if they are able to make decisions.

- People lose their creativity over time when they are used to being told what to do.

However, it would be inappropriate to delegate this decision making throughout the organisation unless their people had a clear direction, were committed to it, and were equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to make those decisions well - and the resources to implement them.


LMQ offers free downloadable resources. These include PDFs and Powerpoint presentations. To find out more, click here...

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LMQ have helped the Day Lewis Group reach a turnover of almost £300 million with an EBITDA increase of over 30% per annum since 1997.
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